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Strategies in Slots

When it comes to slot games players are up against a soulless machine that is programmed to randomize spins this makes gaming strategies useless. Because of this slot game strategies are related to money management, the only area where a player has control over. There’s no way of tricking the slot machine nor is there any way of predicting what the machine is likely to do. The following strategies shall show you how to do “good spending” in slots they aren’t going to make you an instant winner!

1. Know your SLOT

There are literally thousands of slots out there, both virtual and land based. Before you start betting know what to expect from the game. How many bonus rounds you can expect to get, if the game has or doesn’t have any multipliers, what the Scatter or Wild symbol does, if and how many paylines the game has, if you are playing an online slot game, you should know how much each coin is worth. Search the internet, look at our website, look at other websites, research as much as you need, even try a free version of the game.

2. Know when to quit

Keep in mind that in the long run the house is the one that wins, if you happened to have had a winning streak, stop before you run out of money. Count your gains and losses in time and quite while still ahead. Practice self-control! Set an amount of money let us say $100. Stick to this bankroll, do not go over it, the money you start having more than 30% losses move on to another game however do not exceed the amount of you money in your bankroll.

3. Do not be afraid of online slots

Most online slots have features that might not be present in a real slot machine, such as bonus rounds or progressive jackpots, and the amount of money that flows into an online slot is simply greater than that of a real slot. Online slots are cheaper to operate than their land base counterparts and as such will offer better odds in favour of the player.

4. How to bet in a bonus round

Firstly know what to expect from the game’s bonus round, you are sure to find something written about it somewhere. Usually a bonus round offers free spins and multipliers of some sort, it’s quite easy to get carried away in such a round and actually lose more than you anticipated.

5. Spending strategies in Non-Progressive and Progressive games

The difference between a non-progressive and progressive slot game is that in a progressive jackpot multiple players feed a jackpot while in non-progressive game there is no such jackpot. When it comes to non-progressive games you shouldn’t wager in the maximum amount so that you may be able to bet more often and score a change at wining while in a progressive jackpot it is important to bet enough to be eligible for a progressive jackpot, usually the maximum. No particular combination will trigger the progressive jackpot, it will appear at random. However, the winnings at progressive jackpots start off at tens of thousands of euro’s/ dollar/pounds and end at millions so really you should try and be eligible for them.


While there is no true strategy of playing slots, and luck is the decisive factor in the end, you can always keep a slot game fun by not betting too much or too little by setting up an amount of money and sticking to it. Never get carried away by the game!