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Live Poker vs. Online Poker

Quickly becoming a popular way of playing, online poker has its advantages and disadvantages. The reasoning behind the popularity is the ability to stay at home and still enjoy the game, rather than going out to a casino sitting a smoke filled room with all the noise that goes with it. Some like that atmosphere some don’t.

Disadvantages include the inability to read your opponents. In live poker, you are sitting directly with your opponents; if you’re good at reading people you have the opportunity to do so. Online poker on the other hand, you cannot, it’s simply you versus a player who can literally be on the other side of the world. How can you read a persons actions through a screen? You can’t!

It is the belief nowadays, that online poker is a game of chance rather than skill. In my opinion it always was a game of chance. Unless you count cards, or do constant mathematical computations, you cannot control or use your skill to make the dealer deal whatever you want to you. You could though, watch the cards and the folds, know what’s there and isn’t anymore. Online poker doesn’t offer you that opportunity. The computer dealer will shuffle when it wants to impossible to count cards.

Online poker has the advantage of giving you the ability to quit easily by simply getting up and shutting off the computer. Whereas live poker, you have to get up, walk through the casino and resist all the temptations of the slot machines and other tables. Either way you go the temptation still exists, however, one is easier than the other to resist.