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Learn How to Play Poker

Poker today is the most popular form of ‘vying’ card game, games in which players are dealt face down cards and bet into a main pot, which is then awarded to the winner. Although there are dozens of poker variants, they all fall into one of three basic categories; ‘draw’ poker, ‘stud’ poker, and ‘community card’ poker. Learning how to play poker in any one of these categories makes learning remaining games in that category very simple.

The exact history of poker is unclear, though it began to rise in popularity in the New Orleans area sometime in the early 19th Century. It is believed that the game may have been imported to American by Persian sailors, since it is similar in some respects to a Persian game called ‘as nas’.

Draw poker is most likely the oldest version, and even though the other categories are much more popular today, draw poker is still the form of poker most people think of when asked how to play poker. In draw pokers, a player’s cards are all concealed. The player then selects cards to discard, to be replaced from the deck by a ‘draw’. Draw pokers are the easiest to learn how to play. Five card draw in the most popular version of draw poker, and the one seen in most old western movies.

Stud pokers are only slightly more complicated. A portion of the players cards are dealt face down, and the others face up. Usually, the player gets two cards down, then some number of cards up, followed by a last card face down. The total number of cards dealt varies with the poker game, but seven is the most common in what’s called ‘seven card stud’. If you learn how to play poker in seven-card stud, the other studs follow easily.

The most common kind of poker played today is community card poker. In community card poker players get dealt a number of faces down cards. Then there are a number of cards dealt onto the table that are usable by all players involved in the hand. Players may use any combination of community cards and their concealed cards to create the best poker hand possible. The most common version is ‘Texas Hold’em’, which is played in the World Series of Poker main event. Though it has a steeper learning curve, if you master how to play poker Texas hold’em style, the other poker variants are quick to pick up on.

Regardless of what type, learning how to play poker is never very difficult, but learning how to truly excel as a poker player can take years.