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Increase Your Winning Chances in Craps

For beginners, a Craps board may look intimidating. However, the most experienced gamblers will tell you, "Luck favors the brave". So, defeat your fear with knowledge because Craps is one of the highest paying betting games in a casino (if you win, that is). Basically, it is a very simple game.

Understand The Bets

A shooter rolls two dices on the table. Other betters place in their chips for or against the outcome of the roll. Players place the supporting bets on the "Pass Line". The opposing bets are on the "Don't pass" line. You can bet on a single roll for a variety of conditions. You can also place bets on a series of rolls. The series bets obviously increases your odds of winning. In addition, there you have the "come" and "don't come" bets.

Tip 1: Beginners can consider avoiding the one-roll bets. However, to be fair, in a game of luck, there is no difference between the beginner and the experienced gambler. The latter mumbles his silent prayers to the Gods of Luck as earnestly as the former does.

There is no winning strategy per se in a game of dices! Everything depends on your random luck at that moment. However, you can definitely minimize your chances of losing and optimize the odds of winning.

Tip 2: The only way to do that is to bet in low amounts. Craps can be quite hectic and move very fast. Just trust your luck in small amounts if you do not want to risk losing a lot.

Nevertheless, in playing any gambling game, losing is as much as a possibility as winning is! Your attitude about gambling is a big determinant on whether you win a lot. In the inside, it all comes down to your luck on the table.

Third and final tip: Here is the most pro tip you can have: "Always trust your instincts".