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Blackjack Tips and Tricks

If you’re fairly new to blackjack, some of the terminology might be confusing you. Experienced players might use jargon that frankly goes over your head. Well, here are a few terms that will not only bring you up-to-speed on some of the blackjack jargon, but can also give you an edge in the game itself. Free Hit: If you’re familiar with football terminology, a free hit in blackjack is kind of like the free play in American football. On the football field, a penalty that turns the ball back to the offense, no matter what happens is a free play. Generally the quarterback attempts to score a touchdown because, even if the ball is intercepted, the offense gets it back. In blackjack a free hit is much like that. It’s the situation where busting your hand leaves you no worse off than standing. In situations like that you might as well go for it all and take another hit.

Taking the High: If you’ve bet high enough that you’ll be in the lead even if all the other players win their bets, you’re “taking the high.” This strategy is employed by players who are leading in casino games, but it is also a gutsy strategy taken by players who are behind. They can “take the high” in hopes to jump ahead of the other players.

Taking the Low: The opposite end of the spectrum is called “taking the low.” This strategy focuses more on the chips left in front of you after betting has taken place. If you’ve left enough chips in front of you to be ahead after the hand if the dealer beats everyone, then you’ve “taken the low.” If you have a feeling that the dealer is going to pull out a win with everyone at the table this may be the strategy you want to use. It’s a defensive strategy, and everyone needs those types of strategy as well. A little bit of terminology can go a long way in giving you an advantage in blackjack? Once you start to understand terminology you can start implementing more and more complex strategies.

That, in turn, will give you more wins. And that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it? Imagine the player who doesn’t know the simplest terminology, like doubling-down or splitting would be at a severe disadvantage. Splitting and doubling are integral strategies in blackjack. Without them, the player loses a great deal of options and a chance to better his odds of winning. Don’t neglect learning all the terminology you can when learning blackjack. Some of it holds hidden strategies that can make you a winner.